OSB and Plywood in Materials Handling Applications

Materials Handling

APA Trademarked panels for quality assurance

Designed for the most demanding jobs, APA wood structural panels set the standards for quality, reliability and cost saving. Plywood and OSB panels are ideal materials for a variety of industries when fabricating:

Advantages of Plywood and OSB Panels

Boxes and crates made of structural wood panels have some significant advantages over solid lumber with no sacrifice in performance, saving you money and improving productivity. For example:

  • Fabrication labor for can be cut by 50 to 75 percent
  • They are lighter: a 1,000 cubic-foot wood structural panel crate weighs 700 pounds less than the same crate made of lumber
  • They reduce outside volume: the same crate of 1,000 cubic foot interior capacity is 21 cubic feet smaller than its lumber counterpart
  • APA wood structural panels are exempt from ISPM phytosanitary regulations and do not require debarking, heat treatment or fumigation

Compared with plastics or other non-wood materials, boxes, crates and bins made of plywood and OSB

  • Are easy to fabricate, repair or modify
  • Maintain their strength properties in extremes of heat and cold
  • Withstand years of use
  • Won’t rust or corrode like steel or other metals
  • Are sustainably sourced and easily recycled. 


Regulation of Wood Packaging Material in International Trade


These guidelines cover all forms of wood packaging material that may serve as a pathway for pests posing a risk, mainly to living trees. APA's panel products are exempt from these regulations and can be used without additional treatment for pests when used in export packaging. Learn more about the ISPM 15 here.


Materials Handling, APA Form M200Materials Handling
This publication provides descriptions, specifications, and fabrication instructions for pallets, pallet bins, liquid tanks and bins, crating and shelving.