Concrete Forming Design and Construction

B-B and B-C Plyform Concrete Form Panels

B-B and B-C Plyform Concrete Form PanelsNonoverlaid Plyform is usually made with B grade veneer face and B or C grade veneer back and referred to as “B-B Plyform” or “B-C Plyform.” These panels are available as Structural I or Class I. The panels are sanded on both sides and treated with a release agent at the mill (called “mill oiled”) unless otherwise specified.

Unless the mill treatment is reasonably fresh when the panels are first used, the plywood may require another treatment of release agent. It is also important to apply a top-quality edge sealer before the first pour. Plyform panels can be ordered edge-sealed from the mill. Five to ten reuses of B-B and B-C Plyform are common.