Big Bin Manufacturing

Plywood big binBig Bin is a reusable, strong and extremely versatile 300 gallon pallet bin constructed of 1-1/8" APA trademarked performance panels. Made with a built in pallet base, the bin is easy to handle and transport. Collapsible sides and ends allow for cost-efficient return shipment and storage. Designed for use with a chemically nonreactive plastic liner bag, the bin can be used repeatedly for a variety of agriculture and industrial products. 


Cost – With steel prices nearly double and wood prices remaining consistent over the past four years, Big Bin is priced competitively with other containment options for liquid or granular applications. 

Space – Big Bin holds as much as 5-1/2 steel drums, yet fits in the space of four drums. It can stack five high, even when filled to its 3,000 pound capacity. A knocked down bin saves 75% of the required storage space. Steel drums take up the same space full or empty.

Ease in Handling – the standard pallet base of this bin requires no special forklifts or other handling equipment.

Reusable – These heavy duty containers can be disassembled, returned and reassembled many times for reuse.

  • Disassembles to 1/4 size in minutes makes for an efficient return.
  • Rugged 1 1/8" thick performance panel sides are durable as well as easily replaced with necessary.
  • Performance panel construction is resistant to weathering and most chemicals.
  • All big bin component parts are readily available across the country.

Low Maintenance Costs – unlike steel drums, Big Bin won’t rust or corrode. With proper care Big Bin can last 10 years or more and can easily be repaired if damaged.

Environment – disposal is quick, inexpensive and no threat to the environment as most parts can be recycled.


With simple modifications, Big Bin can adapt to meet your special material handling applications such as end or bottom dispensation. If you need more capacity, increasing the height of the sides from 39" to 43"and adding another horizontal strap increases the capacity to 330 gallons (actual capacity 343 gallons).

Big Bin in Action

Plywood big binA packager of tomato paste switched from steel drums to Big Bin several years ago and reported significant material handling cost reductions: 3 cents per pound in packaging; $3-5 per square foot in storage; and $50 in labor per truckload. More containment success stories along with complete fabrication instructions may be found in Containers and Bins, Form X235.